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Story Journey - An Invitation to the Gospel as Storytelling
© 1988 by Thomas E. Boomershine
All Rights Reserved
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Introduction, Preface, and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1 - Birth
Chapter 2 - Baptism
Chapter 3 - Healing a Paralytic
Chapter 4 - The Prodigal Son
Chapter 5 - Walking on Water
Chapter 6 - A Syro-Phoenician Woman
Chapter 7- Bartimaeus
Chapter 8 - The Last Supper
Chapter 9 - Crucifixion
Chapter 10 - Resurrection
Appendix - Narrative Analysis Worksheet
Works Cited and Bibliography

Biblical Storytelling

Biblical Storytelling: Introduction
Biblical Storytelling: Chapter III
Biblical Storytelling: Part III
Biblical Storytelling: Chapter VII
Biblical Storytelling: Chapter VIII
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Media and the Church in the Digital Age

Lecture at the Ohio School of Ministry (August 1981)
Paradigm Shifts, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and the Gospel in the Global Village

Media in Worship

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The Reemergence of Biblical Narrative

History of Biblical Interpretation

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Continuity and Change in the Communication of the Gospels

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Church History

Ethnicity and the EUB/Methodist Union

Bible in Digital Culture

From Visions to Video: Revelation as a Case Study for a New Paradigm for Biblical Study
The Reemergence of Biblical Narrative

The Sound of Biblical Texts

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Peace and Non-Violence

Demons, Dogs, and Peacemaking - Published in "The Earlhamite" Magazine of Earlham College, Volume 108, Number 3, Summer 1988.


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